Gifts that go a long way

2011 was a remarkable year in which most of my friends and I included turned 40. Now since 40 is the new 20 (whoever said that is a certified idiot!) we partied as we always did. The only difference to former years was that the gifts turned out bigger.
Now my friend from Deli Bluem was the first one to turn 40 that year. We celebrated her birthday like there was no tomorrow (which was actually true for me, I had a really bad day the next day!). But I don’t want to talk about our partying here (because what’s the point in ruining my reputation) although reminiscing about days gone by is kind of fun. What I actually wanted to talk about was how wisely we chose her birthday gift. We pooled our money and paid for her taking cooking classes at two different places.

Over the next three years we watched her immerse herself in the world of cooking, food and nutrition. We saw her turning vegetarian and later becoming vegan. We tried her cooking; praised, complimented and criticized her dishes. We envied her guts to leave her well paid job to realize her dreams. We kept in touch while she apprenticed in Berlin and London. We followed her every step when she looked for the right place of her restaurant, found it, renovated and furnished it. And then last week we celebrated her birthday in it. Exactly three years after the initial present that had such a huge impact. Who would have thought?

In two days the Café-Bistro Deli Bluem will open its door to the public and all of you can enjoy her cooking as well!

These delicious looking pictures are from a brunch we enjoyed a couple of months ago when we had our yearly clothes exchange (bring all clothes you don’t wear any more, model them for your friends, tell a story about them and swap them for another piece. Instantly gussies up your wardrobe for free and best reason ever to drink Prosecco!).
I am sure she added a lot more recipes to her repertoire and I can’t wait to taste my way through everything on offer. Here are some impressions from the birthday party at the new place to be.
Yours, Pollybert


The chef herself and her man who has her back!



  1. very cool that a birthday gift opened a new path for her… good friends u all are! :) (and it looks incredible!)

  2. grosses like meine liebe :-)))) DANKE!!!

  3. I’ll be there – and … enjoy enjoy enjoy – not only the extraordinary food, but also the excellent beer ;-)

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