We woke up on Sunday to find a beautiful morning waiting for us. We had decided the day before to climb the tower of Krumlov castle in the morning and then make our way to Budweis.

After the breakfast we packed the car and off we went on foot. We were curious to see the whole bend of the river from the top. Which turned out to be not possible, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

After the picture session on top of the tower, we made our way back to the car not without taking a last look at the castle and the village.

With a gorgeous day looming ahead we started our return trip. But not right away, we had planned a little detour via Budweis. Budweis is known for its beer in Europe and in the States although the beer sold in the US has not a lot to do with the beer from this city. They share the name, and that’s about it. The Budweis from the US is brewed and sold there and privately owned, while the beer from Budweis is brewed here and sold in Europe and state owned. All of this and a bit more I learned while touring the brewery. But before we took the tour we visited the city.

Budweis turned out to be empty. We arrived there around noon, it was super hot and the streets were deserted.

So after refreshing for bit and then taking a drink we drove to the brewery.

Following the GPS we found our way easily to the brewery. Before starting the tour we had a good look around.

It was kind of fun seeing everything, but since it was Sunday the bottling line stood still which was not ideal. Also the English guide didn’t care so much about beer or the brewery so the tour was rather boring. The pictures turned out fine though.

And now tanks in all forms and sizes, the ones for water being the biggest. Who knew?

Touring makes hungry, so after an hour of listing on how to make really good beer (and tasting it fresh from the tank), we went for a late lunch/early dinner. The food was a bit better than the night before, at least mine, but overall Czech food disappointed.

Have you noticed how all the dishes looked the same? Maybe we were unimaginative while ordering or maybe there is not much more than meat dishes with sauce. Best of all was again the desert, pancakes with blueberries. The blueberries tasted heavenly, being the small kind not the cultivated ones. While driving back to Vienna we got lucky and bought a 3,5 l glass with hand-picked blueberries fresh from the woods for less than 10 Euros. We divided the bounty by three and ended the trip on a high note! Yours, Pollybert

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