A marathon in pictures

Spontaneously on Friday I decided to sign up for the 2014 Photomarathon. Sorry the page is only in German, I don’t think they expected any international guests. I read about it in the free paper (and yes, I am outing myself here, I read it daily although it is probably bad for my intellect), checked out the website and signed up. A mad enterprise for sure, because when I looked at the pictures from former years I got a bit discouraged. Not just by the winning pictures but also by the look of all these professional cameras. And then I come along with a little compact camera. Never mind, it’s the spirit that counts.

So I signed up for the biggie. No half-marathon for me. No, I will do right away 24 pictures. And here are the topics I had to photograph on sunday. Again only in German. A quick explanation of the rules: stick to the topics in chronological order, 1 picture per topic. No more, no less.

And here is my interpretation of these topics. Translation always in front.
No. 1: mornings in Vienna

No. 2: thoughtful

No. 3: at the playground

No. 4: ongoing construction

No. 5: photography means adventure

No. 6: in the Burggarten

No. 7: The Golf. The Car

No. 8: autumnal Vienna

No. 9: in the middle

No. 10: more humanity for animals

No. 11: together/combined

No. 12: I am the ultimate selfie

No. 13: fenced in

No. 14: yellow

No. 15: art

No. 16 a technical miracle

No. 17: if I could like I would

No. 18: imprint

No. 19: contact

No. 20: stones/rocky

No. 21: up/down

No 22: it can also be done like this

No. 23: forgotten

No. 24: finished

Quite interesting to do such a challenge. I haven’t been running around so much and actually looking at things closely in a long time. Usually I take my city for granted and if there are any changes I notice them late or read about them. So it was liberating and exhilarating to walk through my city with open eyes.
About halfway through the contest I noticed that my camera lens had some dirt on it. Nothing to do about it except clean it and muddle on. The last three pictures were already exhausting because I was tired and already running around since hours. I picked up the memory card at 10:15 and gave it back at 8:30. So I had a really long day.
But I do like my pictures, they are mine and I thought about each and every one (ok, some more than others…).
Hope you enjoy them. Yours, Pollybert


  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    I love 10, 19 and 21!
    What about the results?

  2. wow !!! – I didn’t know of that talent of yours … till now! gorgeous pics

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