What I learned in Berlin

Being in Berlin for a long weekend made me realize a couple of things. As done by now on several other occasions (see here or here) this is what I learned in Berlin.

1.) When you make a dinner reservation, you don’t get a table for the evening. You only get a time slot for 2 hours. So be quick to finish your meal. They even recall this to your attention if you order a beer 10 minutes before your allotted time ends.

2.) Ask your friends before the trip if they also want to see a certain museum. If they do, reserve your tickets online!

3.) If you hear a fire alarm in your hotel/restaurant/any place, get up and go. It might be a false alarm, but it is definitely not a drill.

4.) And in the above mentioned situation, don’t go looking for your book first. Or call your friend and discuss the alarm. Just go!

5.) I am not twenty anymore. I am old enough to be a possible parent of someone in their twenties (sounds depressing, but will be more depressing for some of my friends in 10 years when they realize that their kids are still far away from their twenties)

6.) It’s good to re-read my advice (aka What I learned in…) before a trip. I brought three pairs of shoes this time.

7.) Berlin is not a chic city. Charming and multicultural, vibrant and hip, but there is no need to dress up.

8.) Don’t use the public trash bin for any kind of bucket challenge.IMG_9931

9.) Everything looks better in color and with flowers. Even if you only sell fabric.IMG_9844

Or ride the metro.IMG_9854

10.) If you avoid German food then food in Germany is amazing! Same is true for the wine.

11.) And once again, traveling with friends is the best!!


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  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! great post! so well written and very funny! loved it!

  3. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    I love the Würstchenbude pict! The slogan ‘Kehr Force’ for the waste disposal department in Vienna has been copied (some might even say stolen…) from the Berlin motto ‘we kehr for you’ :-)

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