Just a couple of weeks ago a new place opened in the center of Vienna to rave reviews. Not only from different magazines (click here and here) but also from my colleague and foodies partner. So at the first chance I went and tried it myself.

What I noticed immediately upon entering was that the place was different.The atmosphere was nothing like any other place in Vienna. Miznon (Facebook page only) felt warm and loud and friendly. And it was full of people and they all appeared to feel the same way. Happy! The whole place reminded me of a restaurant somewhere in the South as if it had been transported to Vienna including its guests. So it must be Miznon that has this effect on people because we Viennese are usually not like this.

Since the place was packed we grabbed the last chair at the bar and crowded around it. Definitely the best place to be anyway because everything was happening here. The open kitchen behind the bar was full of good-looking, smiling guys performing all kinds of culinary feats that soon landed in front of us.

The menu was written on a brown bag and didn’t clarify anything. So it was best that we just went with our guts and ordered whatever. I tried the “golden cauliflower” and the “golden meat gone with the wind” while Susi went for a pita “chicken spachtel”. The cauliflower was perfect and we just ate it the way it came with a dash of olive oil and salt until one of the guys behind the bar gave me slice of pita filled with said cauliflower slathered in everything good. Only then did Susi make her way to condiment bar to fill a small dish with sour creme, tahini, tomato salsa and spicy pepperoni. Unbelievable how delicious cauliflower can taste!

My picky (okay picky might not be fair, just a difficult eater) friend Susi devoured her “chicken spachtel” in one go. The pita was filled with a pancake and chicken and she said that although the combination was unusual it had a fine taste. A rare compliment from her! Plus she went back to the condiment bar twice to get pita slices with pepperoni and sour creme.

My little pita slice (Scherzerl) was filled with sauces and thinly platted meat, “the golden meat gone with the wind”. The meat was not really to my liking, I couldn’t take a bite without holding the meat to tear it off, the taste though was divine. A messy affair, so thank God for all the napkins everywhere. The pitas that were later filled in front of us with “run-over” potatoes and meatballs looked also enticing! I decided right then and there to go back and taste my way through the menu.

Miznon offers self-service and part of its charm is how your name gets mangled when it gets called. To top it all off, the music is excellent. Better than in some clubs I have been to lately. If you are looking for a great bite to eat in vacation atmosphere, look no further. Yours, Pollybert

1010 Wien, Schulerstraße 4
facebook: Miznon Vienna
daily 12:00 to 23:00

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