What I learned in 2015

To put this year in perspective and review it once again, here is what I learned in 2015 (click here and here to read more):

  1. There is a big difference between going on vacation and traveling. Traveling is exhausting but it is also one of the best things in the world!

  2. Live for the moment, you never know what might happen.

  3. Learn a couple of words in the language of your travel destination! That really helps with the locals.

  4. Fall in love and enjoy the ride. It doesn’t have to be forever!

  5. Tell someone how much he means to you.

  6. I really have to improve my Spanish skills!

  7. Don’t scrimp when buying an object you will use daily. Just go for it and buy the best!

  8. Have a savings account with actual savings in it. It buys so much peace of mind!

  9. There were moments on my trip this year where I just enjoyed watching and looking and not reading. It feels good to put my book aside from time to time.

  10. My skin looked so much better when I didn’t eat any dairy and sugar.

  11. I started some volunteer work and I noticed it’s a lot easier to be a good person on Facebook than in real life.

  12. Declutter! There is so much stuff in my home that I don’t need but someone else might.

  13. Try something new and push your comfort zone; the adrenaline rush is mind-blowing.

  14. My friends are the best! I love you guys!

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