Sunshine in Lyon

Who would have thought that we really got lucky the next day? Hoping yes but actually happening? So wonderful then to leave the apartment and see Lyon through different eyes.

First of course we had to stop once again at Pignol to buy breakfast. This time not to go but actually sitting down while enjoying these amazing creations.

From there we walked all the way to the Musée des Confluences, an architectural miracle (at least in my eyes, my friend was less impressed). The walk there was definitely worth it, although one can also take the tram.

Doesn’t it look amazing? Love it that it was built by Austrian architects. So you see we can built so much nicer things than a fence at the border.

There was also a small park at the bottom of the museum with the sign ‘Only Lyon’ in capital letters. Only after we took pictures we saw that you were not allowed to walk on it. 

We then waited 10 minutes in front of the museum to takes some pictures inside and see the shop. After the full hour came and went without doors opening someone took pity on us and informed us that it is closed on Mondays.

To get back into a more hospitable area we took the tram this time. Although the plan was to visit the ‘Halls of Bocuse’ a slight misunderstanding on how to read a  map. We ended up near a chocolate place that is according to the guid book the best one. Unfortunately it was also closed on Monday.

No matter we decided to just walk to our lunch reservation and take as many pictures as possible on the way.

As you can see we had a bit of wind and I looked like Medusa. But Susi meant I finally had a full head of hair. After another memorable meal we headed back to our apartment to pick up the luggage and leave for the airport. What a city, so hugely enjoyable! Yours, Pollybert

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