What I learned in Scotland

Going on holidays as a “family” was a new experience for me. Also traveling by car through the amazing highlands gave me new insights. So here is what I learned in Scotland (for other posts click here and here):

1.) It’s refreshing to travel as a family especially when it’s not your own!

2.) Every day is a lovely day, isn’t it?

3.) Don’t trust the weather forecast! We had mostly sunshine instead of a weekend of rain as forecasted. But bring waterproof shoes in any case!


4.) Christmas comes early to Scotland!

already Christmas in Stirling Castle

already Christmas in Stirling Castle

5.) When bringing a navigation system on your trip, carry it in your hand luggage if you want to use it right away. Otherwise see here.

6.) Scottish breakfast is for manual workers and not for tourists. A few more days and I am sure I would have gone into cardiac arrest (or is it meant to be only eaten on Sunday?).

7.) The Scottish National Trust shops which I visited without fail in every castle or at every historical site have an excellent choice on books. I just might bring a bigger suitcase next time.

8.) In case an open fireplace doesn’t work, it’s good to bring your own boy scout along.

9.) An unintended detour is a wonderful way to discover any country.

10.) Scottish gin was a revelation, I brought back two bottles! Slàinte!

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