What I learned in 2016

Even though 2016 appears to have been a horrible year for a lot of people, I quite liked mine. A year is always what you make of it, the world defining circumstances are just factors that one has to accept. So last evening when I was meeting my friends a short while later to review our 2016, I had been thinking about what I learned in that year. And this is what I came up with. For other ‘What I learned in …’ posts click here or here. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Challenging myself to one trip per month worked out quite well. In nine out of the last twelve months I made it out of the country. Especially the short trips with friends or alone were wonderful, a change of scenery just for a day works wonders.

2.) The best plan is to have no plan when traveling alone. So much can happen. I feel I am repeating myself here but you know … I experienced it again last year.

3.) If you have the chance to go to the sea, always go to the sea. Nothing feels better than putting your toes in salt water.

4.) Floss daily!

5.) Family, is a never-ending story. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We don’t choose the people we are related to that doesn’t change the fact that we are. It’s the only family you get though, so you better start appreciating them now.

6.) But if you get really lucky like I did this year, a new family comes along and takes you under its wing. Then you have the best of everything! A family you are related to and one you haven chosen.

7.) Life is now (Livet er nå ->Skam), not that I needed reminding about this. So whatever plans you have for the future, it’s best to start right away.

8.) Reconnect with old friends, I was surprised how much fun I had with them. On the other hand there is a reason why we were friends in the first place. Really something I have to take into 2017 with me.

9.) Don’t get greedy when playing the stock market. Little by little is also doing the trick.

10.) Putting my sports commitments with myself in my calendar really worked. It got me running all winter long (at least so far). It also helped with the gym where I am no longer just a supporting member.

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