What I learned on Paros and Mykonos

I am not really sure if there is a lot to say about Greece again since I have been going so often already, but I am sure if I put my mind to it I will find something eventually. In the end this is a list I’m doing for myself about stuff that I found out while away. And aren’t we constantly learning? Anyway, here is what I came up with (for other ‘What I learned in … ‘ features click here and here). 

1.) A unique experience stays that way because you don’t repeat it! Especially if it was great. As much as you try the spirit of the first time will always be different and can’t be caught. What you get is just something else. It might also be great but definitely different. So don’t even try to repeat it but think about the whole thing as a new adventure.

2.) The older I get the more sleep I need. Where is this coming from?

3.) I really, really prefer the smaller Greek isles. The ones that are not crowded with ‘the bold and the beautiful’ but ordinary people who just want to relax and not ‘shine’ all the time.

4.) I didn’t know that there was Greece and then there was Mykonos. Worlds apart. I know to which one I belong.

5.) A sandy beach that’s long and wide is the best. It cannot be improved. And I haven’t really found it on these two islands. Maybe on Antiparos. But most other beaches were just poor copy of the real thing. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved going there.

6.) Nothing beats drinking a coffee with a view.

best breakfast = fresh juice and a double espresso @Naoussa

7.) I love Greece no matter what and will come again next year!

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