What is better than spending a Saturday evening with a friend and going for Vietnamese food? After traveling the country extensively I know what I want when I comes to its food. Since there is no street food available, I have to make do with restaurants.But then only the most authentic will do.

Vietthao is such a restaurant and the critics have been raving about it since a long time. So let’s put it to the test. The restaurant is small and tightly packed, so without a reservation it’s almost hopeless in the evening. The service though works fast and the table next to us changed twice during our time there. It’s definitely not a place that invites you to linger, everyone is busy and moving fast.

We decided on sharing the starters, a mango salad with shrimps and the typical Vietnamese spring rolls with pork (spring rolls are available in four flavors). The mango salad was a revelation! Absolute perfection, the ripe, sweet mango with the acid tang of the fish sauce and the sharp bite of chili. Really, what a taste explosion!

mango salad with shrimps @Vieethao

The spring rolls were filled with rice noodles, herbs, vegetables and a slice of pork. With the dipping sauce it was a lovely combination as usual but the mango salad was just way more outstanding.

spring rolls with pork @Vietthao

The main dish was not shared and I wanted to try another bowl of Bun since the one at Saigon Bistro was so delicious. And I am sorry to say the one here didn’t fare that well. First of all it was quite cool which is normal but the minced beef was in rolls and couldn’t be mixed with the rest. At Saigon Bistro the beef was piping hot and mixed with everything the dish was warm enough. Now I was eating cold noodles with beef rolls that tasted of cheese gone wrong. It’s probably just me but the minced beef was not to my liking at all. Next time I have to try it with a different kind of meat. The accompanying fried spring rolls were delicious though.

Bun Thit with minced beef @Vietthao

My friend ate the Bun Bo Hue, the typical soup from Hue, which was exactly as it should be. Hot and spicy with lots of beef and pork as well as herbs and sprouts on the side. Fabulous as in Vietnam!

Bun Bo Hue @Vietthao

Vietnamese is starting to get really popular in Vienna and more restaurants are popping up everywhere. If you want to have authentic good food, this is the place for you. Yours, Pollybert

1010 Wien, Friedrichstraße 2
Tel: 01/585 20 31
Sun-Fri 11:30-22:30

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