What I learned in Madrid (the second time around)

The first time in Madrid (with this group of people) was already a success, for the second time we therefore raised the bar. More excursions, but less of a crowd. Here is what I learned while seeing Madrid again. Yours, Pollybert

1.) The surroundings of Madrid are worth your time. I definitely want to see more of it when I go back.

2.) As nice as it is to stay at a friend’s place, you will always only ever be a guest and never at home. That can be quite strenuous sometimes (there are notable exceptions to this rule, but they are few and need to be lauded more often!).

3.) When the sun is gone, it’s cold. Madrid in March is not a beach vacation. I am still nursing the cold I got there.

4.) Tapas are a unique form of dining, definitely more than a snack with your beverage.

5.) If you don’t practise a language, all will be lost eventually. I can now officially say my Spanish has disappeared.

6.) When you decide early on that it will not be a sightseeing trip, you are much more relaxed about all the things you don’t see.

7.) Nothing beats getting up in the morning and getting breakfast served. That’s the ultimate luxury!

8.) Austrian artists need to be supported! Let’s listen more to Clara Blume!

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