Why you should visit Opatija

Opatija is a small town on the coast of the Croatian Adriatic sea. I had the pleasure of going there at the beginning of summer and was happy to discover a town which looked like it missed the 20th century. Only the emperor Franz Joseph I. was missing but everything else appeared to be exactly as it was in the Habsburg’s time. As Viennese one cannot miss the similarities.

Getting to Opatija from Vienna takes about five hours by car. Or more than seven on the bus which I took. Nonetheless it was worth the trip only you should stay longer than I did. Two days were not enough for a beach vacation after all.

The coast is rocky and the town climbs up onto the hills (the Ucka massif) behind it. For my long weekend I had booked a private room in these hills. It turned out to be an apartment with two bedrooms, a large kitchen and a cozy living room. Best of all was the amazing view on the town below.

view on Opatija

An added benefit were the hundred of stairs I had to climb at least four times a day. It feels great to have the work-out included in your accommodation!

it looks easy going down @Opatija

The town itself is full of beautiful old buildings right out of the monarchy. Beside a couple of sites to visit (check here on what to see) that best part is just walking around town. I found it was more than enough to get my fill of Opatija.

lush vegetation and beautiful villa @Opatija

walking through Opatija

I walked along the promenade each day to the beach. This gave me ample time to get acquainted in detail with the rugged coast line of Opatija. And some more period pieces. Yours, Pollybert

you can walk forever along the promenade @Opatija

magnificent hotels along the promenade @Opatija

maybe the Emperor himself sat here @Opatija

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