What you must see while in Oslo

Besides some unique quirky features Oslo also offers some must-see spots. Try spending a couple of days there. Everyone who tells you to just head out to the country is of course right but also wrong. Nature is one of the biggest must-see items of Norway but don’t ignore Oslo for it. You will definitely miss out on something. I on the other hand need to go back to explore Norway’s countryside after spending my weekend only in the city. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Opera House: the architecture is absolutely stunning and no, we were not there at sunset but rather some time before noon. It must be spectacular in summer when people meet and chat on the roof. October was too cold for having a drink here but a visit has to be on the program no matter what time of the year. Also take a look inside, the bathrooms are fabulous!

the Opera House @Oslo

inside the Opera House @Oslo

2.) Holmenkollen: a ski jump in a city with an amazing view on the fjord below. Best of all it can be reached by metro. In summer you can zip line down the jump (not sure if 75 € are worth these two minutes though) while in winter you can watch the champions jumping down. All year round it is a natural recreation area. You can see lots of people on the metro who looked as if they planned a bit more than just taking the elevator to the top of the jump.

Holmenkollen ski jump @Oslo

view on the fjord from the top of the Holmenkollen @Oslo

3.) The Vigeland Park: the world’s largest sculpture park has to be on every visitor’s list. The manifold sculptures which are all naked to not look dated depict all kinds of people and situations. The park is probably best visited during the day and not at half-light. Sometimes though there is no choice. Plan your visit, the area is extensive.

The Vigeland Park @Oslo

the Monolith of Vigeland Park with 121 figures @Oslo

4. Aker Brygge: the vibrant harbor is a former industrial zone which got converted in the ’80s and ’90s into a residential area with lots of restaurant and shops. In summer time it must be amazing with its enormous boardwalk and outdoor seating everywhere. The whole place has a modern feeling and the architecture is fascinating (why is that not working in Vienna).

Aker Brygge with Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in the back @Oslo

The Thief Hotel Aker Brygge @Oslo

5.) The Viking Ship Museum: this is my personal must-see in Oslo. How amazing is that to find Viking burial ships and in restorable condition? Just looking at these ships gave me the shivers. Imagine crossing the sea in these boats with no protection from the elements?

Oseberg Viking Ship @Oslo

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