Breakfast at Ramasuri (update)

I’m all for second chances that’s why when asked where to go for Eggs Benedict in Vienna I suggested Ramasuri. I had been here twice for dinner which I really enjoyed and then once for breakfast when I got bitterly disappointed.

Funny then that my reservation was the exact same table as the last time when everything went terrible wrong. So far so good though, the menu looked new and improved but still included Eggs Benedict. And we were here for these.

We ordered them plus Eggs Florentine and asked if we could have one each. No trouble, the waitress actually expected something like this already. I was happy that this had been changed. Even better than getting a plate of mixed Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine were the Gin Tonic shots which were offered on the menu. We got one each to start the day. Wow, what a great idea. A heady mix with the double espresso.

double espresso and Gin Tonic shot @Ramasuri

Sadly the dream of everything working out as I imagined was just that. No mix happened in the kitchen, we had to do switch the eggs ourselves at the table. Also the ham (bone-in ham according to the menu) was a different kind on the plate. The saffron hollandaise sauce was almost overpowering all other flavors and on salty side. Overall a lot better though than my first experience. The muffin had a buttery taste and the spinach just perfect.

mix of eggs Benedict/Florentine @Ramasuri

The three of us tasted also the granola yoghurt with berries and the buttermilk pancakes with fruits and nutty caramel. I loved both dishes. interestingly enough I would not have thought that there was any buttermilk in the pancake-mix. Definitely not fluffy enough; I am not complaining, I liked the crunch. Also there was no nutty flavor in the caramel.

granola with berries @Ramasuri

pancakes with caramel @Ramasuri

Overall was the performance of the kitchen way better than the last time. Service was friendly if not super quick, try not to be in a rush for your first coffee. What I still don’t like and this is probably an age thing, the place is just too loud. It is very small with tight seating and a noise level that makes regular conversation almost impossible. Maybe it’s their solution to the tight seating arrangement? In any case I will make a check-up visit in summer when the garden is open again. Yours, Pollybert

1020 Wien, Praterstraße 19
Tel: +43 676 466 80 60
Mon-Sat: 8:00-24:00, Sun: 09:00-24:00

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