Exploring Santa Cruz

After a day full of adventure with mostly turtle watching we had an evening and one morning to explore the rest of Santa Cruz. Actually make that Puerto Ayora which is the biggest city on the Galapagos Islands.

The highlight for most tourists including us was the local fish market where pelicans and other birds wait in line for something to fall off the table.

fish market with sea-lion underneath the table @Santa Cruz

when it comes to food, sea lions are not shy @Santa Cruz

pelican line up at the fish market @Santa Cruz

Another tourist magnet was the pier. Here sea lions nap during the day and baby sharks swim at night.

sea-lion napping @Santa Cruz

baby sharks swimming underneath the pier @Santa Cruz

Otherwise I found Santa Cruz lacking in terms of charm compared to the two other islands San Cristobal and Isabela. Still, I think it is a great island to start exploring the Galapagos, especially if you are organizing this trip on your own. There are an abundance of travel agencies who are more than willing to help. For us though it was already the end of this trip. It was way better than I ever expected. Yours, Pollybert

near sunset @Santa Cruz

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