All the animals of the Galapagos Islands

In the end the Galapagos Islands more than surprised me. Usually I am not a fan of animal watching, at least I thought so until this trip. But once we arrived on San Cristobal and I saw my first sea-lions, I was totally hooked. There are animals everywhere and in such an abundance that sometimes you have to be careful not to step on them. The islands also offer such a variety that they rival almost with a zoo. The only difference is though that you can see all of the animals in their natural habitat. I loved it! So if you get any chance to travel to these islands do so. It is well worth your time and money. Yours, Pollybert

PS: And once again a big “Thank You” to Sylvia who caught most of this pictures with her awesome big camera! What an eye!

ready to pose @Galapagos Islands

a big iguana @Isabela Island

dolphin on the way to Kicker Rock @San Cristobal

a blue-footed booby @San Cristobal

crabs @Isabela Island

a pelican @San Cristobal

the sea-lions on Isabela Island are totally lazy

birds over water @San Cristobal

a turtle @Santa Cruz

the penguins of Isabela Island

blue footed booby nesting @Isabela Island

mini gecko @San Cristobal

not sure what kind of bird this is but it looked me straight in the eye @Isabela Island

take a closer look: this is a wall of iguanes @Isabela Island

frigatebird @San Cristobal

this is not a shark but a manta ray @Isabela Island

a bird looking for food @Isabela Island

a sea turtle @Isabela Island

a pelican waiting for some fish at the market @Santa Cruz

a sea lion jumping in the water @Isabela Island

baby shark @Santa Cruz

a bird with really blue eyes @Santa Cruz

eye to eye with a turtle @Santa Cruz

a yellow warbler at the fish market @Santa Cruz

doesn’t this sea-lion have the cutest face ever @Santa Cruz

baby turtle drinking @Santa Cruz


  1. The “not sure what kind of bird this is but it looked me straight in the eye” is a baby blue-footed booby! They only get the blue probably also the blues only later in life 😎

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