Nam Nam restaurant

On a recent summer evening I had dinner with a group of friends and again at an Indian restaurant. We got inspired to try out more Indian places after being disappointed at the last place. Indian food after all can be so delicious. What a great idea then to try out Nam Nam restaurant. It came highly recommened from another friend and it was spot on. Everyone just loved their food.

garden @Nam Nam

The Thali was popular and got ordered three times. Twice in the vegetarian version and once vegan. The portions are big, so you definitely don’t need anything else. But all of them finished their plate, it was so good. The Thali comes with three different dishes, rice, naan and raita.

vegetarian Thali @Nam Nam

vegan Thali @Nam Nam

I went for beef vindaloo this time and omg was it perfect. The right side of spicy and the meat so tender and juicy. I paired it with naan bread and a salad. Loved how easily the thick sauce could be scooped up with the bread.

beef vindaloo @Nam Nam

Another standard Indian dish which I am usually fearful to order is Tandoori. This can be so dry. Not here though were it was juicy and perfectly seasoned. I tasted it and I loved it.

Tandoori chicken @Nam Nam

Last but not least we had another chicken dish which I could try as well. The tandoori-mint chicken had a rich and creamy sauce while the chicken had been basted in mint sauce. Loved the flavor combination, the color was intense though.

Tandoori-mint chicken @Nam Nam

The restaurant has a very nice garden in the back where you can enjoy warm summer evenings. Service was quick and attentive, the menu offers also a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. One of the best Indian restaurants in town. Also, when you go there, try the Ophir Gin with cardamom tonic. It’s amazing! Yours, Pollybert


Nam Nam restaurant
1060 Wien, Webgasse 3
Tel: +43 1 5956127
Mon-Sun: 11:00-14:30, 18:00-23:00

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