More impressions of Regensburg

Regensburg really has a lot to offer. So if you have time make your trip longer than a weekend, please do so. If not, just walk around and soak up everything. There is a lot you can see just by passing it. Like all the old houses, the many churches and the atmosphere around the river. Groups of young people sit at the shores of the Danube with drinks and music. The whole thing has such a camp flair but in a good way. And let’s not forget that Regensburg is a university city and therefore full of young people. So here are another couple of images from my trip to Regensburg. Yours, Pollybert

two women kissing in a church @Regensburg

still early for a party @Regensburg

strolling through the old town @Regensburg

don’t they look like bells? @Regensburg

beautiful windows and facade details @Regensburg

coat of arms with the two crossed keys for the city inside @Regensburg

one of the Patrician towers @Regensburg

it must have been early morning with so few people about @Regensburg

narrow alley @Regensburg

looking out of the old city hall @Regensburg

view onto the Stone Bridge @Regensburg

graffitti from 1794 @Regensburg

I love how the Romans get invoked @Regensburg

a balcony can also be on the side @Regensburg

all windows can have a different size @Regensburg

Stone Bridge at night @Regensburg

churches are built on a platform @Regensburg

walking along the Danube @Regensburg


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