What I learned in Regensburg

Traveling to Regensburg is only about three hours from Vienna. You wouldn’t think that there is anything to learn. But there always is. Just because we speak the same language and live around the corner, we are not alike. Also this post is not reduced to differences between neighbours. It’s about all the little things I notice or learn about myself as well. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Irish pubs are special places whereever you go. Take yourself to the Irish Harp and they will have live music. Best start for any weekend!

2.) The average brutto income is over 70k in this town. That is a h*ll of a rich place.

3.) Flixbus is always late. Fourth time is a charm, I finally believe it. Definitely have to look for shorter trips or take the train more often. Because six hours on the bus are way too long.

4.) There is apparently no 11 o’clock curfew for terraces. Consequently long past that time people are still sitting outside and enjoying the warm evenings.

5.) Always order tap water when you want water with your coffee. Otherwise you end up getting club soda which is more expensive than the coffee (as has happened in Orphée Bistro).

6.) Regensburg has still little shops which carry different inventory than all the big chains. Therefore shopping is a lot more fun.

7.) A book store is exciting no matter where you are. Why? If you need to know that I can’t help you.

8.) The Romans managed to build for enternity!

part of the porta praetoria incorporated in a house @Regensburg

9.) A guided walking tour always manages to teach me something. Sometimes it’s a bit of history and sometimes it’s only where to go for dinner.

10.) The cobbled streets are laid in such a way that the rain water collects in the middle and as a result goes down the drain.

11.) Love how the Germans above all obey the law. This small sign says that it is strictly forbidden to park one’s moterbike or bicycle here and that it will be removed. That seems to work rather well.

all bicycles under threat of removal @Regensburg

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