What to eat in Bari

Even though I only spent a short weekend in Bari I had the opportunity to taste a couple of wonderful dishes. In Italy you can never go wrong as far as food is concerned. Until recently I spent my time mostly in Tuscany, then not long ago one weekend in Naples. I was therefore interested on what the south has to offer on food. And I can tell you that I was not disappointed. The cooking is different, more straight forward and to the point. With wonderful flavours and the best the sea and the country has to offer. Yours, Pollybert

I at breakfast every day at the BB Chimera Bari. What a delicious breakfast they offered. I especially liked the crunchy bagel like bread with tomato and herbs. But of course also the dolci was a revelation. Fresh fruits rounded up this unusual Italian breakfast.

breakfast buffet of BB Chimera @Bari

Of course, while in Italy you also have to eat ice cream. There is a small parlour called Gelateria Gentile in front of the castello which had the most amazing combinations. I had something with lemon and vanilla.

ice cream from Gelateria Gentile @Bar

The pizza I ate was not so great. Still not sure if that is because I just don’t like the soft doughy texture which is the case in the south or if the restaurant was at fault. Usually you can’t go wrong with pizza but in this case, no.

pizza margarita with arugula @Bari

Best dinner by far was my meal at Ristorante La Battigia. Probably because it was my only dinner and because they didn’t treat me like a leper. This was the first time ever that I felt single diners were not welcome. Especially at the usual late hour in Italy. Maybe if I had come at 6pm dinner wouldn’t have been a problem. In the end La Battiga was a great choice. With a fish and seafood choice to die for, I opted for spaghetti frutti di mare, grilled baby octopus with salad and tiramisu for dessert. Everything tasted great!

spaghetti frutti di mare @Bari

baby octopus @Bari

creamy tiramisu @Bari

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