More impressions from Barcelona

Although Barcelona is full of Gaudi there are a lot of other sire which you should see. Not far from the Sagrada Familia you can find the Hospital de Sant Pau, another Unesco World Heritage Site. It must be wonderful in spring to walk up the pedestrian street. Trees line both sides of the street with spots to sit down in between.

Hospital de Sant Pau @Barcelona

Just a couple of blocks away there was this wonderful house with different turrets. There is no need for everything to look the same.

the house with two different turrets @Barcelona

Right next to the Casa Batló was this beautiful house. I have no idea what it is and what you can see there. But I will probably go back again one day and take a closer look.

gorgeous houses on the Passeig de Gràcia @Barcelona

We had a forgettable dinner one evening at Arenas de Barcelona which is now a shopping mall. But from the top you have a spectacular view on Parc de Montjuic with its castle.

view on Parc de Montjuic @Barcelona

Barcelona has not only the usual doves, but also tropical parrots. These green birds showed up suddenly in front of us and I was astonished to say the least. Easily spotted by their color and their tag.

green parrots on the street @Barcelona

Here a small detail from the well of geese at the Cathedral of Barcelona. At least I think this was the well and not the pool right beside it.

detail from the well of geese @Barcelona

While strolling through the city it really pays off to take a closer look at the shops. No matter if you want to buy something or not. I love the facades and entrances. They look so much spectacular than at home. Doesn’t this book shop entice you to go in?

bookshop @Barcelona

It also pays off to look up once in a while. All over the streets ceramic tiles plastered the walls of the houses. Some were religious, others obviously not.

something about the Godmother @Barcelona

just from the picture the meaning here is definitely not religious @Barcelona

Whatever you in Barcelona, above all don’t rush. Take your time and don’t try to take it all in. There is way too much to see for one visit alone. Therefore mentally agree on a second visit and you will get the most out of your first. In short, Barcelona should never leave your bucket list. Yours, Pollybert

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