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It’s always interesting to see if a restaurant I had already written off, might actually get better. I have never reviewed ‘Das Heinz‘ on the blog because the one time I went there, it underwhelmed. So when I met with a couple of friends for dinner here, I was curious to see if it had changed. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Das Heinz is more like your living room instead of a restaurant. At least I think this is the concept the owner is going for. And this is working well because the atmosphere is relaxed.

dining room @Das Heinz

It’s also one the few restaurants where you can still smoke in the back room; and where you have to walk through when you need the bathroom. You then notice that the door to the back room has actually been open the whole time. Not that closing it would make any difference since the window to the bar stays also open (you would need to see it to get the concept). What’s remarkable though is that you don’t smell the smoke. The ventilation system is working wonders.

The food on the other hand was still as bland as I remembered. I ordered beef tartare with fries on the side. The fries were actually quite good. Chunky and crisp. I had my problems with the tartare. I choose the version with guacamole (the other version is with quail egg). The guacamole is from the tub (noticeable by the watery texture) and the tasteless tomatoes on top didn’t help either. The bread which came with it was a ciabatta and was not toasted. The meat would have worked better with a lot more seasoning. Overall not a great choice.

beef tartare @Das Heinz

The fish fingers came with fries but one of my friends could also be ordered with a salad. They looked actually tastier on the salad bed. The form of the fish fingers was like a small pancake instead of a finger but at least they were nicely fried. I honestly found that the ratio of batter and fish was in favor of the batter. But the others liked it.

fish fingers with fries @Das Heinz

fish fingers with salad @Das Heinz

The veggie burger came also with fries and looked appetizing from above. Maybe it was the home-made look of the bun. The patty unfortunately had too much breadcrumbs inside, so the vegetables were hard to detect. Actually none except for carrots which have a very distinct taste.

veggie burger @Das Heinz

Service was very friendly and attentive. The lone waitress did a good job to make everyone happy. Das Heinz though is in my opinion only a place for drink. I will not make this mistake again to eat here. Yours, Pollybert


Das Heinz
1010 Wien, Rudolfsplatz 12
Tel: +43 1 532 0378
Email: lokal@dasheinz.at
Mon-Fri: 16:00-23:00, Sat: 18:00-23:00

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