Ludwig – Das Burger Restaurant

On a recent visit to Salzburg I was on the lookout for some breakfast or brunch recommendations. What I read about Ludwig sounded good enough to go there. Unfortunately breakfast is only available until 11am. After that burgers are the main staple besides a couple of healthy bowls. We arrived at a time which I would already call late lunch, so no more breakfast.

The restaurant has an open kitchen which is equipped with a really strong vent. The restaurant doesn’t smell of grilled meat or any other BBQ odors at all.

dining room with open kitchen @Ludwig

I went for the chili burger which comes with all the usual extras including cheese and japaleños. The meat is organic so I had no problem to order the burger medium. I love it when the meat is slightly pink and still juicy. Too bad then that the middle of the burger was raw. And I wasn’t the only one so unlucky but my companion had the same problem with the classic burger.

Chili Burger with hand-cut fries @Ludwig

The hand-cut fries were another disappointment. When you already cut the potatoes by hand it would be really great if you can remove the black spots. I would also appreciate if not just the upper layer of the fries are regular sized. I think I had about five fries which were okay, the rest had inclusions and or were about two cm long. Really? How do you want me to dip that in the condiments?

As far as condiments go though, the home-made ketchup was fantastic. It was really tasty. I also loved that Hellmann’s was available. By far the best store-bought mayonnaise on the market. The home-made lemonade with organic lemons was another winner. I could taste the lemons and there was almost no sugar in it. Excellent refreshment!

I think Ludwig might need another chance. The available organic meat and overall impression of the kitchen was good. Maybe I just got unlucky when it comes to the fries. Next time though I will order the meat well-done for sure. Yours, Pollybert

Ludwig – Das Burger Restaurant
5020 Salzburg, Bruderhof/Linzer Gasse 39
Tel: +43 (0)662 872 500
Tue-Fri: 11:00-22:00, Sat-Sun: 09:00-22:00

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