More impressions of Amsterdam

Looking back, Amsterdam was a weekend full of walking, sightseeing and enjoying the company of my friends. And maybe eating a bit or stopping for a drink from time to time. Overall it was just a wonderful weekend, which was a bit on the cold side. In any case, Amsterdam should be on everyone’s list to visit. There is a lot to see and do. Yours, Pollybert

G’s Jordaan doesn’t really have an amazing breakfast. It was good and filling and the whole place is very much like a living room. They do have outstanding drinks though in the morning. Really, a ‘passion in the morning’ makes a morning so much brighter. Apparently I was not the only one who needed a drink on our last day.

let’s start the morning with a drink at G’s @Amsterdam

And when you start the day with a drink there is also room for a waffle.

you need to try waffles @Amsterdam

Don’t you find that the houses in Amsterdam resemble gingerbread houses? Maybe it’s just me being hungry: but looking at them, wants me to take a bite out of them.

gingerbread houses @Amsterdam

a view on the garden of the Museum Willet-Holthuysen @Amsterdam

Do you wish sometimes that you can live on a houseboat? And that when everything gets too much, you just take off  and go some place new? Amsterdam has houseboats all over the canals. It’s such a neat sight. And of course the ever-present bicycles are also in the picture.

houseboats and bicycles are typical for this city @Amsterdam

When houses are starting to lean away from each other because of the soft underground, they get kept together with some kind of construction.

leaning houses @Amsterdam

museums all around, the Van Gogh Museum is to the right @Amsterdam

I wonder if bicycles are stolen a lot here @Amsterdam

Even if your apartment is in the basement you get a little “garden”. So amazing that this is possible.

a place in the sun @Amsterdam

The bridge reminds me of a bridge over the Neva I have seen in St. Petersburg. So when I googled if Peter the Great was ever in Amsterdam, I found this. Not sure if there is any link between these two bridges, but I still like the connection.

imposing bridge @Amsterdam

The three XXX are supposedly standing for the medieval dangers for Amsterdam. Fire, Flood and Black Death. If you have the impressions that it is lopsided, it is.

the coat of arms of the city on top @Amsterdam


  1. Do I wish sometimes that I could live on a houseboat? All the time!!! I am always dreaming of a houseboat or a tiny house 😉

    • This is because you do already have so many places where you can leave your stuff ;-) But do you like the idea of just leaving on this tiny boat?

      • Not just leaving but also living! 😉 Yes, I would like to throw all my stuff away and just live with the essentials.
        I have a family of hoarders, that’s probably why 🤔

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