Der Schweizer Deli – permanently closed

Der Schweizer Deli is a relatively new gourmet shop in the 18th district. The emphasis is on Swiss cheese (hence the name) but you can also find bread from Paremi, fruit juices, jams, fancy mustard, and sausages and bacon from Fleischerei Kröppel.

assorted cheese and other delicatessen @Der Schweizer Deli

It also has a well stocked fridge with tasty wines from Fink&Kotzian and beer from Erzbräu. Which makes it a great neighborhood meeting point for a quick drop to drink and some gossip before going home, all while doing your shopping.

New on the menu is a cheese fondue which is made to order for you and your guests. Personally I find it very bold to plan a cheese fondue dinner in the middle of a heatwave. But some people have all the luck. Just on this day the weather broke and it was the perfect evening for something warm to eat. We started the evening with bite-sized cheese quiche, slices of bone-in ham from Kröppel with horseradish and baguette from Paremi. The ham was juicy and just about the best you can get on the market. This took the edge off from feeling famished in the evening while also making sure that the alcohol didn’t go straight to our head.

a whole leg of ham from Fleischerei Kröppel @Der Schweizer Deli

I might have helped myself a bit too often to these snacks because once the fondue landed on the table I felt overwhelmed. No worries though, it was actually easy to find some place for it. The two different kind of fondue, original and with tomatoes, came with cubed bread, potatoes, ham cubes and sliced pear. Kirsch was served on the side and if you felt courageous enough, you dipped your bread in to the kirsch and then in the fondue. Wow, this packed punch, so potent! Try with caution!

cheese fondue with tomatoes @Der Schweizer Deli

Both fondues tasted wonderful, creamy and oh so delicious. It’s definitely the quality of the cheese which makes the difference here. It elevates the fondue to a higher level. For me it was the best one I ever had. The original was super rich and intense while the one with the tomatoes tasted lighter and fresher. Since I couldn’t decide which I preferred, I kept on standing and moved from one pot to the next.

original cheese fondue @Der Schweizer Deli

I really loved the relaxed atmosphere and familiarity of the evening. Of course it was a private event but Andrzej goes out of his way to make you feel at home in his Delikatessen shop. To find out more about the fondue and how to organize an evening at the Schweizer Deli, either stop by or give them a call after the summer break. Yours, Pollybert

Der Schweizer Deli,
1180 Wien, Gersthoferstrasse 158
Tel: +43 1 945 90 57
Tue-Thu: 16:00-21:00, Fri: 10:00-21:00, Sat: 10:00-16:00

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