Prambanan temple tour and a visit to the ballet

There is an abundance of temples in and around Yogyakarta. No wonder, since it was the spiritual center in former times. The temple of Prambanan is a Hindu temple from the 9th century. It is really quite amazing to look at, especially when you first see it. Such an impressive complex and totally on level with Angkor Wat even if on a smaller scale. In any case it looks in perfect condition.

the temple Prambanan @Yogyakarta

We arrived in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset there and head afterwards to the Ramayana Ballet which tells a love story involving a maiden, lots of war and and a burning on the stake (or something like it). For this excursion we got a driver because it’s easier and you have a climatized car. This is not as fancy as it sounds cause I shared the driver with two girls, Sidney and Laurie, who stayed in a hostel. As I have said before the five star accommodation was wonderful but tours are better arranged via a hostel.

But back to Prambanan: if you want to take better pictures you need to come in the morning. In the afternoon the whole temple structure is always against the sun. The area is quite big and you can loose yourself walking around. Start with the main area, there is already enough to see. You can climb up each tower and find a statue of a god inside, while the big one has stairs on four sides and therefore four statues.

Prambanan temple @Yogyakarta

Pollybert at Prambanan @Yogyakarta

detail from Prambanan @Yogyakarta

looking over to one of the smaller structures of Prambanan @Yogyakarta

lotus seat from Prambanan @Yogyakarta

Hindu god Ganesh inside the main structure of Prambanan @Yogyakarta

magnificent detail from Prambanan @Yogyakarta

The sunset was glorious to watch as far as it was visible behind the clouds. Still it doesn’t really come through on the pictures.

all the towers of Prambanan @Yogyakarta

Once it was dark we headed into the theater which is a short drive away from the temple. Built like a Greek theater and the temple in the back, it made for an impressive stage. The Ramayana ballet was not really my thing but I already knew that before. Still, one can give cultural stuff a try when visiting a new country. To get an idea how it sounded, click here. I was happy though once it was over. Yours, Pollybert

Ramayana Ballet in front of Prambanan Temple @Yogyakarta

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