Breakfast at Das Blaustern

Das Blaustern has been my go to place all through my thirties. And then it kind of fell off the radar and vanished from my list of breakfast places. So I missed that it got new owners who also brought in a new concept with a new menu.

The dining room looks of course the same in as far as dimensions can’t change. It has a comfy vibe with its upholstered leather chairs and a color scheme in tones of brown. Not sure though how this will work on a sunny day, but on this foggy October morning it gives me a hygge feeling.

dining room @Das Blaustern

Unfortunately the breakfast doesn’t live up to my memories. Das Blaustern serves convenience food at its worst. My breakfast companion and I order each one of the combos which come without coffee. My friend goes for the English breakfast and the first thing he says when it arrives is that the French fries are of the frozen variety. They even taste like cardboard to be honest. The toast doesn’t fare any better, and the beans are only okay because there is nothing wrong with baked beans from the can. Also the eggs loose a bit of liquid which is a sign of being watered down. Overall he is genuinely unhappy with his meal.

English Breakfast @Das Blaustern

My ‘Wien’ breakfast sadly doesn’t fare much better. One might think that with this straightforward combination you cannot go wrong. Far from it though. The Semmel (bread roll) is so dry that when I cut it, half of it lies in crumbs around my plate. The croissant has never seen any butter in its dough, while the butter on the plate starts to pool because the plate is warm.

My soft boiled egg is hard, but sending it back is no problem at least. What is a problem though is that the second egg is also hard. I also notice that the eggs show no number, so I am not sure if they are organic, free-range or worse. It’s so small in size thought that I don’t think supermarkets sell anything that small. The fruit yoghurt is of the store-bought quality. Something I avoid at all costs usually. So overall this is a really disappointing breakfast place.

‘Wien’ breakfast @Das Blaustern

Also can we take a moment here to talk about salt? What happened to the good old salt shaker? Why do I see more and more salt mills on tables? Doesn’t anybody realize that with the mill the salt lands everywhere else except on the egg? Also the salt crystals are way to big. I mean what’s the point of that? Why is this deplorable custom finding more and more followers?

But what can I say, coffee at least is good. So apparently the coffeehouse has still its own roasting business. I might come back for one when I’m in the area but breakfast I will definitely avoid. Yours, Pollybert

Das Blaustern
1190 Wien, Döblinger Gürtel 2
Tel: +42 1 3696564
Mon-Sat: 08:00-23:00, Sun: 08:00-20:00

good coffee @Das Blaustern

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