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Since I have never been Peru I was totally excited to finally give Q’ero a go. This Peruvian restaurant has been on my imaginary wish-list for a while. So happy then to manage a dinner here. The restaurant itself has a really big bar which is basically the focus of the room. Most of the dining area is either upstairs or downstairs which leaves the bar area almost empty. What I disliked was the seating on high-tables and there is no other kind available. That’s rather uncomfortable.

bar and dining area @Qero restaurant

Before I started to look at the food I checked out the drinks menu. And honestly it’s really long. Which works well with the bar. Eventually I ordered a tropical sprizz with passion fruit juice and it was heavenly. Perfect after a long day at work and some work-out. But you have to be careful with colourful drinks. Usually they are way more potent than you expect. So on we went to get some food.

We settled on two kinds of ceviche. The regular one with white fish and the second one with tuna in lime coconut sauce. Both dishes were delicious. I liked the acidity of the classic version, while the tuna dish surprised with a hint of spice and sweetness. Both were so fabulous in fact that I finished the sauce with a spoon (of course from both ceviches).

two versions of ceviche @Qero restaurant

Not enough we had also ordered grilled octopus with sweet mashed potatoes and purple potatoes ad olive salsa on the side. Unfortunately I had already cut the octopus into pieces before taking the picture. So it did look a lot better when it was served. The octopus was tender and juicy, nicely seared and seasoned. Also the mashed sweet potatoes were a hit. There was a hint of some spice in it which was delicious. The purple potatoes were not necessary in my eyes and the olive salsa I couldn’t find. The dish was great though. Very tasty and big enough to share.

octopus with mashed sweet potatoes @Qero

Last but not least we shared a dessert. Instead of a chocolate lava cake, Q’ero offers a dulce de leche lava soufflé. I loved it, the hint of caramel was not only in the colour but also in the flavor. The peach tamarind sorbet was not such a winner, but the soufflé convinced.

Soufflé de dulce de leche @Qero

Overall the Peruvian cuisine was delicious and made me curious to try some more. I have to think about how I can manage a trip to Peru in my schedule. But let’s see. The restaurant Q’ero itself is unfortunately a bit flat and it doesn’t really invite you to linger. And this despite a really big selection of spirits and a great bar keeper. We had a Pisco Sour to finish the meal and with the tropical sprizz at the beginning, the drinks were fabulous. So see for yourself what to make of it. Yours, Pollybert


Q’ero Peruvian Cuisine & Bar
1010 Wien, Börseplatz 5
Tel: +43 1 5320395
Email: office@qero-viena.at
Mon-Fri: 11:00-24:00, Sat & nat. holidays: 17:00-24:00, closed on Sundays

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