Breakfast at Lingenhel

Eggs Benedict will be the ruin of my bikini figure. When I heard that Lingenhel offers Eggs Benedict for breakfast I knew I needed to try them. So on a Saturday morning we sat down in the nicely acclimated restaurant and ordered coffee and said eggs.

dining room @Lingenhel

Coffee came in record speed, as well as the buttered roll for the little one. The eggs Benedict took a bit though, so we ordered a gin tonic to share. If you think that’s crazy, yeah might be. But my friend and I love gin tonic shots for breakfast. Since there is no shot on the menu we figured we would just share one. and it was lovely how the waiter complied without giving us a weird look.

the bar @Lingenhel

Eventually we get our eggs Benedict and they do look delicious. Like an art creation. But unfortunately they are not the way I like them. Don’t get me wrong, each and every part of this dish is delicious. But put together in this exact way, it doesn’t work.

First off, there is not enough sauce Hollandaise. Which is really too bad, because the sauce is delightful! Then the egg: there is only one and it is not runny enough. So overall there is not enough liquid to soak the thick slab of brioche on which the egg comes. Also the brioche is a tad sweet. And despite the great quality of the ham and every single ingredient, these eggs Benedict are just not what I want.

Egg Benedict @Lingenhel

eggs Benedict and buttered roll @Lingenhel

I really like this place for breakfast and there are some other interesting breakfast ideas on their menu. Lingenhel will see me again in the morning, just not for eggs Benedict. Which are by the way the most expensive I’ve ever had. One could also say, overpriced. Yours, Pollybert

1030 Wien, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 74
Tel: +43 1 7101566
Mon-Fri: 09:100-17:00, Sat: 08:00-15:00 (currently closed in the evenings)

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