Tintenbar – Pop-Up

Since the future is still kind of unpredictable, there are quite a few Pop-Ups in Vienna. You can’t go wrong with a Pop-Up. Here today, gone tomorrow is a wise choice during a pandemic. So no wonder than that new places are sprouting all over the city. Each and everyone a Pop-Up, like the Tintenbar.

This is a place where the weather needs to be warm. Because all the seating is outside and there is no cover anywhere. The ‘restaurant’ is actually a cafeteria which caters to the many ministries in the area. So you do all your ordering inside for food and drink, and also get your tokens for the cocktail bar outside.

dining area outside @Tintenbar

We started slowly with the alcohol. It was after all a warm day and we needed to eat something first before hitting the bar. The main attraction here is the ‘Steckerlfisch(fish on a stick). Tintenbar offers two kinds of fish, either mackerel or trout, grilled bread, and with a choice of side salad, potato or cucumber. Since we were a group we started with a large basket of fries for the table and then each of us got the trout. We shared the salads so that we could try them all.

What can I say? The food was fantastic! The fish was perfect, juicy inside and with a nice skin. Not as crisp though as from a charcoal barbecue, but really good enough. The accompanying sauce, the salads, and the grilled tomatoes all did their thing and the dish came together beautifully. This is how summer tastes like!

fish on a stick with salad and fries @Tintenbar

I am lucky to show you this picture. Because when we got our fish, all of us started eating right away and plates were empty in record time. And this is how it looked afterwards.

when the fish is gone @Tintenbar

So you see, we really enjoyed our food and I got the chance to take a picture of someone else’s fish.

As it is summer and we have all been cooped up inside for such a long time, drinks were in order. And Dino’s Apothecary Bar does provide a nice drinks menu. I tried something called Mamie Taylor with whisky and lime. Really refreshing but also potent. So don’t say later you haven’t been warned.

drinks for everyone @Tintenbar

Tintenbar, this Pop-Up for the summer, is a wonderful addition to my list the many great places in Vienna. The fish alone makes it already worth a visit, but then you have the added bonus of a great bar. This place is a keeper. I do wish though that the bathroom would have been cleaner. Yours, Pollybert

1030 Wien, Vordere Zollamtsstraße 3
Tue-Sat: 16:00-23:00

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