Where to buy the best Gugelhupf in Vienna – Part 1

Let’s start with the admission that generally speaking I prefer home-made cakes and sweets. But days at work can be long and hard and eventually we all need something to improve our mood. That would be anything sweet. We eat a lot of Krapfen in the office, no matter the time of year, and we also eat a lot of Gugelhupf (Bundt cake). The one we eat the most is the Marmorgugelhupf, getting it’s name from its distinctive coloring, vanilla and chocolate. Usually the cake comes from one of the many bakeries around, but for this test we went further afield. I hope you enjoy our testing and let me know your thoughts on it. In case I missed the best Gugelhupf in your opinion, please let me know as well. Yours, Pollybert

PS: Du to the overwhelming enthusiasm of my colleagues we have decided to extend the testing period and will bring in some Gugelhupf into the office. I will therefore have a second blog post about this very specific cake.

Bäckerei Ströck: This bakery chain has no store close to our office, I passed this one after a morning walk due to the lock down. We all take our pleasantries wherever we find them in these difficult times (some more harmless than others). Anyway, I figured a Gugelhupf would please my colleagues, especially since one of them, who is normally in home office, was coming into the office for a day. Picture my surprise when we cut this moist, rather greasy to touch, Gugelhupf to find it rather dry, bland, and granular to the taste. Someone mentioned that it tastes like the one from cheap brand line of the a supermarket. There was no discernible difference that the Gugelhupf in front of us was coming from a bakery. worst of all, it took us three days to finish it, which is unheard of in my office. Definitely avoid!

Gugelhupf @Bäckerei Ströck

Bäckerei Felber: Compared to all other Gugelhupfs, this one is a whopper. That’s why you can also buy only half of it. Despite that the half portion still weighs in around 350g or so, it definitely feels heavy when I carry it to the office. The Gugelhupf has a nice smell when I take it out of the bag and but it also feels greasy. It’s has a nice cake like taste, not overly sweet but I am missing the chocolate flavor. The color is there but the taste. Overall a good Gugelhupf, though it does get a bit drier on the second day.

Gugelhupf @Bäckerei Felber

Anker: To be honest this is my least favorite bakery franchise overall, so I was already not happy about shopping here. The Gugelhupf just confirms my prejudices again. I do know why I never come here, their products are not good. The cake feels moist and sticky when I take it out of its wrapping. It looks as if some kind of syrup was sprayed on it to give the Gugelhupf a glossy shine. Which is weird and also remarked upon. The taste is overly sweet and the cake sticks like glue like to my gums. There is a also a very strong chemical aftertaste. Definitely the worst Gugelhupf so far.

Gugelhupf @Anker

Café Landtmann: Until now this Gugelhupf is the most expensive. But it’s also the first which is not obviously greasy. It’s is rather dry to the touch and fluffy. I quite like its texture, but I do miss the chocolate flavor. One of my colleagues finds it not dry enough which is weird. A moist Gugelhup is usually better. I find it tasty and get a second slice right away. Great Gugelhupf, but not for everyday due to price! This Gugelhupf is also sold by Spar Gourmet.

Gugelhupf @Café Landtmann

Bäckerei Der Mann: Our regular go-to Gugelhupf since this bakery is the closest from the office. Unfortunately today it was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe it got wrapped while still warm? It felt as if the Gugelhupf had set and was therefore rather firm. The dough was missing its usual fluffiness. Compared to all others though it’s the least greasy one. And with the added icing sugar on top it also looks quite pretty. Not a lot of chocolate marbling and there is no hint of any chocolate taste whatsoever. But this is an okay Gugelhupf.

Gugelhupf @Bäckerei Der Mann

Joseph Brot: I picked up the Gugelhupf on one of my morning walks through the city. Joseph Brot is one of the fancier new bakeries in Vienna, catering to the bobos and all kinds of bread aficionados. The bread and pastries are expensive but also really tasty. Therefore the cake here is on the upper end of the price range, but all its ingredients are organic. Not sure if you can taste this, but there is right away one noticeable difference. The cake has a crunchy crust due to breadcrumbs in the form. It is also slightly salty on the outside which cuts the sweet note nicely. Overall it’s satisfying to take a bite from this Gugelhupf, I am just not sure if I would declare it the best one.

Gugelhupf @Joseph Brot

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