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Kikko Bā was planned as a pop-up but is here to stay. I loved my visit there (oh the fun times when the world was still okay) and the food is amazing. So while we were in the area to shop for Sicilian oranges at Crupi and champagne from Grand Cru, we decided to pick up some food from Kikko Bā. It’s best to call ahead, but you they also take spontaneous orders.

The pick-up was not ready when we arrived, but that only meant that the food was freshly made; and still hot once we we made it back to the office. I shared a celery sando for starters. The sandwich has the most delicious brioche bread, a thick slice of breaded root celery, shredded cabbage, and a sauce. It was still warm when I ate it and tasted heavenly. Honestly, I should not have shared it. It was so amazing.

celery sando @Kikko Bā

On the other hand, becasue I shared, there was room for a second dish. And this was a cauliflower salad with honey ponzu dressing, grapefruit and coriander. Thin slices of cauliflower come with a topping of fried, crunchy onions. The dressing has a hint (maybe a bit more than a hint) of spice in it. Eventually there was a lot of tingling in the back of my mouth. The salad therefore comes out absolutely perfect. So tasty, well balanced, and just the right kind of seasoned.

cauliflower salad @Kikko Bā

We got also one nasu bing wrappu, which is bing bread (Chinese flat bread) with sweet and spicy eggplant and cabbage tsukemono. I didn’t taste it but my colleague found it very good. Although the wrap lacked a bit of filling. Indeed, it does look like there is more bread than anything else.

nasu bing wrappu @Kikko Bā

Last but not least, we got one main course, a rice bento pork larb. I love larb especially since traveling to Laos. Great food always brings back wonderful memories. So when I was allowed to taste it, I felt right back in Champasak. Do I need to say more about this dish? In case you need to know, it comes with brown rice, a side of cabbage, and an extra salad. This is a proper meal.

rice bento pork larb @Kikko Bā

Kikko Bā has only a small takeout menu but it’s big on taste. There is something for everyone on it, as long as you like Asian food. As much as I miss sitting on their terrace, drinking wine, and sharing food with my friends. Ordering takeout from Kikko Bā comes pretty close to this experience. Excellent food which transports well. Yours, Pollybert

Kikko Bā
1040 Wien, Schleifmühlgasse 8
Tel: +43 1 925138041
Tue-Sat: 11:30-19:00

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