More walks in Vienna during lockdown

In the perpetual state of lock down there was nothing much to do. Besides walking in Vienna. Since I kept my morning walks to the inner city of Vienna, I chose to amble a bit farther afield on the weekends. But in the end these are pictures from all over town. Vienna in spring time is magical. The trees and bushes are showing tiny leaves and the tulips come out to greet you.

the fountain in front of the memorial of the Russian soldier @Vienna

A wonderful park, which belongs to the Palais Liechtenstein, is the Liechtensteinpark. Small and intimate, it’s the perfect spot to meet up with friends for a schmooze.

the park of the Palais Lichtenstein @Vienna

You only have to be aware of the killer bees.

beware of the bees fighting with sword and sting @Vienna

Also close by is this typical suburban house, with a shop on the ground floor, from the last century. Maybe even from the one before that. In any case it looks really out of place nowadays and therefore very charming.

an old house @Vienna

Just around the other corner is the famous Strudelhofstiege. So renowned are the stairs that even a novel called ‘Die Strudlhofstiege‘ was written about it.

the famous Strudelhofstiege @Vienna

Since everything was closed, including the movie centers, the put up their own messages instead of announcing new films. Here they were apparently still hopeful, still believing in the Easter Bunny.

a closed movie center, still believing in an Easter miracle @Vienna

A little bit later all hope has evaporated.

Corona is to blame for the lockdown @Vienna

But not everything can be blamed on Covid-19. Sometimes the reason is just that the Austrian chancellor has no heart.

the heartless Austrian chancellor @Vienna

While walking around in the Belvedere garden, we came across not only sphinxes but quite a few of these statues. Here two figurines are sharing a pedestal.

statue in the Belvedere garden@Vienna

The Gürtel, the belt of Vienna and as such a four-lane road in both directions, is a landmark of the city but not a view point for visitors. The main Viennese library building has its seat here though. Right between the two big roads with a tower of steps leading up to the top. I am sure from there you have a really nice view. While in the area though I stopped and waited for the tram, taking me back into the city. Waiting here happens underneath a large canopy, keeping one safe from rain or heat.

the canopy of the Stadthalle station with the main library in the back @Vienna

My usual Sunday afternoon walk included meeting with friends. If that’s not possible then the walk was not happening. A steady companion on these strolls along the channel was a beer. Suddenly walking made a lot more sense.

drinking beer on a sunny Sunday afternoon with friends @Vienna

On another Sunday, I did my walking routine in the Wertheimstein Park. Originally though we had planned on visiting the Setagaya Park aka the Japanese Garden. Unfortunately it was full of people, all coming to see the cherry blossoms. But at least I could take some pictures. Yours, Pollybert

Setagaya Park @Wien

cherry blossoms but a lot of people @Setagaya Park

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