Breakfast at Clementine im Glashaus

I celebrated the end of lockdown #4 with breakfast at Clementine im Glashaus. The Glashaus is part of the Palais Coburg, a five star hotel. Personally I think there are no stars for the breakfast, though it was quite delicious. The best feature is the Palais Coburg itself, which has a fabulous location right downtown. The Glashaus is wonderful, though a bit drafty after a while. As you can see, certain Covid-19 restrictions are still in place.

inside the glass house @Clementine im Glashaus

Really too bad that the weather was miserable, the garden is the best feature of the premise. So beautiful and lots of cooling shade for these hot summer evenings in the city.

the terrace feels like a garden @Palais Coburg

We both ordered Eggs Benedict, one plate with smoked salmon and the other with ham. Clementine serves a one egg version, so if you want to have a second one you need to order it. I asked for it, I am just not sure I found it underneath my super buttery brioche.

Eggs Benedict @Clementine im Glashaus

There was nothing faulty about this Egg Benedict version. The brioche, as mentioned above, was buttery, extremely flaky and crunchy on the outside, soft and squishy on the inside. Perfect to soak up the wonderful sauce Hollandaise. I loved the touch of freshness in form of salad and herbs. It helped to break the richness of the sauce. If there is anything to criticize than probably the ham. Totally unremarkable and not memorable. As was the pan the breakfast arrived in. Overall though, a really nice dish and the perfect to start into the weekend.

My friend was so impressed with the menu that he also ordered a roast beef bagel. Unfortunately it fell flat. The bagel lacked everything a bagel should have. The fine elasticity, rather rubbery consistency which makes it so yummy when you eat it. The one at the Clementine im Glashaus tried to wow us with its height and a rather dry texture. That worked to its disadvantage with the also dry ingredients of the filling. There was just not enough sauce here to make the bagel palatable. Only after removing the top, was it worth eating. Too bad really, but on the other hand so far I haven’t had a good bagel in this city. So why should that change here at a five star hotel?

roastbeef bagel @Clementine im Glashaus

Clementine im Glashaus has a wonderful location, with an even better terrace, and great service. Stick to the regular breakfast dishes and you can’t go wrong. Yours, Pollybert

Restaurant Clementine im Glashaus
1010 Wien, Palais Coburg, Coburgbastei 4
Tel: +43 1 51818130
Mon-Sun: 07:00-22:30

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