The flowers of Syros

Syros offered an abundance of flowers. We saw most of them on the one day we did a lot of sightseeing. On the other hand, this shouldn’t astonish me so much. Usually there are no flowers on the beach. I love a sandy beach but whatever should grow there. So when we had our sightseeing day walking up to Ano Syros, due to overcast sky, rain, and quite cool temperatures, flowers everywhere beckoned me to take pictures of them. I have missed taking pictures of flowers, especially since I haven’t done that in a very long time. The last time happened actually last year on Milos. So I am very grateful to share with you my yield from Syros. Here they are, the flowers of Syros. Yours, Pollybert

nothing symbolizes Greece more than Bougainvillea @Syros

it looks like dandelion but with three ‘heads’ @Syros

two different kinds of Oleander @Syros

yellow flower @Syros

low growing purple flower @Syros

looks like a large thistle with bee @Syros

can’t say what that is but it looks amazing @Syros

white flower (maybe jasmine) with a fly @Syros

lightly colored Bougainvillea @Syros

not sure if this is a flower or colored leaves @Syros

not sure why these purple flowers look so creased @Syros

symphony in light blue @Syros

simple white flowers @Syros

basil and other herbs @Syros

yellow flower with insect @Syros

lavender flowers @Syros

two-tone colored flowers @Syros

another yellow flower @Syros

purple flowers @Syros

silky strands in pink @Syros

tiny yellow flowers @Syros

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