The many sights of Syros

Most of the sights of Syros are concentrated in and around Ermoupolis. According to the map there are a couple of things in the north of the island, but Syros offers no public transport in this area. If you want to go by car, beware, there are only off-roads. So of course we kept the sightseeing then to the accessible area, especially since we didn’t want to rent a car. After walking up to Ano Syros we decided to climb the second hill above Ermoupolis. Not sure if the hill has a name, but it also has a church on top, the Church of the Resurrection of Christ. Unlike the one in Ano Syros, this one is Orthodox.

the two hills above Ermoupolis @Syros

It’s another walk uphill with many stairs just to stand in front of closed doors. Not really sure when the Orthodox church is open, but at least you can take the bus up if you don’t want to walk.

up to the Church of the Resurrection of Christ @Syros

the Church of the Resurrection of Christ @Syros

Going up there wasn’t for nothing though because you have an excellent view on Ano Syros.

Ano Syros as seen from the second hill of Ermoupolis @Syros

At least there was another church we could visit that day, the Church of Agios Nikolaos which is right next to Asteria Beach. The church makes for an excellent backdrop on every picture while on the beach.

the front of the Church of Agios Nikolaos @Syros

It’s a really lovely church from the inside, with colored windows, opulent chandeliers, and a huge painting inside the dome. So even though it’s an Orthodox church it gives of a light and airy feeling in a way.

the choir of the Church of Agios Nikolaos @Syros

very colorful dome painting @Church of Agios Nikolaos Syros

But enough with the churches, there is more to see in Ermoupolis. Like the Town Hall for example. Already the big empty square in front of it is impressive. The inside shines as well, just look at the staircase.

Town hall @Ermoupolis

staircase inside the Town Hall @Ermoupolis

Another big hit with us was the theater. We just made it inside five minutes before it closed, so my friend felt stressed the whole time as if they would lock this place and leave us inside. But even if, wouldn’t that have been great to watch this splendid ceiling for a couple of hours?

Apollon Theater @Ermoupolis

Let’s not forget our visit to the British cemetery or at least our attempt of it. The cemetery was closed as well, but here is a link to someone who has actually seen it. Since we were in the area, we decided to just see the regular cemetery which has some beautiful tombs.

cemetery of Ermoupolis @Syros

more grave sites @Ermoupolis

Over all the sightseeing you should not forget though that you are on vacation and deserve to take a break. Yours, Pollybert

stopping for coffee at Hotel Ploes @Syros

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