The many stairs to Ano Syros

Who would have thought that we would get some rainy days while in Greece? As it turned out, it was all for the best. After two days on the beach my skin needed a rest period from all the sun. What better way to to do that than by going sightseeing for a change. The plan was to make our way up to Ano Syros, which was founded around 1200 by the Venetians. This catholic stronghold stands strong atop a hill, high above the city of Ermoupolis.

Ano Syros is all the way to the back @Syros

It seems logic to build a town on top of a hill. The advantages for this town are irrefutable for the Middle Ages, but even now the it makes sense. It’s just the getting there which is a bit arduous. I can’t even say if there was a bus going up there, I honestly don’t think so. There is definitely one to the other hill above the port, but I am not sure about Ano Syros. In any case we walked the 3,5km which was fine in the overcast weather. But we repeated that walk one evening in fine weather and it’s sweat inducing.

up the stairs to Ano Syros @Syros

Most of the way is small alleys and steps. So many steps.

small alley on the way up to Ano Syros, Ermoupolis

still small steps @Ermoupolis

I think it was here at this point that I realized we might have left the port of Ermoupolis behind us but that Ano Syros was still far away.

we are going all the way to the top @Ano Syros

Turning around it was nice to see how far we had come. But it was still some way to the top.

looking down on Ermoupolis @Syros

It felt like the stairs would never end, but eventually we made it all the way to top. Which in case of Any Syros is the Saint George Cathedral.

inside Saint George Cathedral, Ano Syros

Just below the cathedral is a terrace from which you can see the port city Ermoupolis and the other hill above the port with another church on top. Very religious people these islanders.

on the left you can see the second hill with a church above Ermoupolis @Syros

We decided to stay on top for a while. Not so much to enjoy the view, but there was nothing happening below as well. Definitely not a beach day, so why not explore Ano Syros in a bit more detail?

stairs everywhere, but the view on top must be unbeatable @Ano Syros

We stopped for a snack and some wine, it’s a vacation after all, in the only open place we saw. Maison de Meze has a small courtyard where you can relax for a bit and sample all the produce available on the island.

the small terrace of Maison de Meze @Ano Syros

I am happy to say that I bought most of my souvenirs here. But since the way down still lay ahead of us, you can only sit for so long. At least the weather looked better on the way down, which boded well for the next day. Yours, Pollybert

on the way down to Ermoupolis @Syros

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