The doors of Syros

All of these doors are from Ermoupoli, so maybe it shouldn’t surprise me so much that all of them were closed. Ermoupoli is after all a city. Sometimes, when walking through small villages on the Greek isles, door are open, the interior hidden behind a curtain. Not so on Syros, at least in the city. I think I never even looked when we got to other places.

But who cares? The point after all is to see the doors of Syros. And I have brought you some prime examples from the island. Most doors are wooden, looking very sturdy in keeping out the heat, with an iron grille on top to get an airflow going. What I found remarkable though were all the different colors. Greece is usually known for it’s white and blue colors. Like last year on Milos, which had a couple of colorful doors but most of them were blue. Not so on Syros, here every door had a different color. Which is fabulous and gives the island an unique touch. Yours, Pollybert

lovely door in the city of Ermoupoli @Syros

lime green door @Syros

the big glass roof will keep you save from rain @Syros

beautiful garden door @Syros

all in camouflage green @Syros

nice contrast between the door and the white house @Syros

three doors right next to each other @Syros

hand-painted door with cacti @Syros

a door in petrol @Syros

a lot of stairs lead to this green door @Syros

what’s behind these doors @Syros

red door with glass panels @Syros

one up, one down @Syros

finally a boring brown door @Syros

very narrow door in rose hue @Syros

big and small in dark lilac @Syros

let’s be generous and call this color olive @Syros

mint green door with mint green handle @Syros

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