More impressions of Syros

The week on Syros seems forever ago. Now we just hear of the terrible fires everywhere, the pandemic is gearing up again, and temperatures are in their 40s (celsius). While I was there we needed to go sightseeing two days in a row due to rain and cloudy sky. My friend even ate a fish soup one evening becasue she felt cold. Two months later and the world looks different.

But Greece will always be beautiful, no matter what. So here are a couple of pictures which didn’t make it in my posts about sightseeing, Ano Syros, or the beaches. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Yours, Pollybert

flowers growing around a street light @Syros

swimming place in the city @Ermoupolis

best spot for a sponge bath @Syros

dusk in Ermoupolis @Syros

keep your spices close by @Syros

entrance hall of the town hall @Ermoupolis

the boardwalk to Galissas Beach @Syros

espalier trees lining the streets of Ermouplos @Syros

a bird bath on the way to Ano Syros @Syros

beautiful houses in Ermoupolis @Syros

all of Ermoupolis at my feet @Syros

also a way to present your menu @Maison de Meze

the port of Ermoupolis @Syros

halfway up to Ano Syros @Syros

check out the balcony on the left with the shelf of dishes and cups @Ano Syros

football is popular everywhere @Ano Syros

Asteria Beach from the opposite site @Syros

the town hall from across the street @Ermoupolis

restaurant with nice details @Ano Syros

the shipyard of Ermoupolis @Syros

a glass of wine with a view @Kini Beach

all is quiet in the evening @Ermoupolis

a stone garden for cats guarded by a dinosaur @Syros

view up to Ano Syros @Ermoupolis

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