What I learned on Syros

Another year, another vacation in Greece. This time it was a week on Syros and again I appreciated how Greece dealed with the pandemic. The island is only two hours away from Piraeus and therefore also a popular weekend spot for the Athenians. I loved my week on Syros, which was a good mix of sightseeing and the beach. As usual, I always learn something new while on vacation. Either about myself or in general. So here is what I learned on Syros. Yours, Pollybert

1.) Usually in Greece only white bread gets put on the table. While on Syros I saw lots of different kinds of breads, even with seeds. Some, despite a yellowish color, still tasted like white bread.

2.) On Syros they have a real Covid Killer. No more virus, at least until proven that this is not working.

Covid Killer @Ano Syros

3.) People mask up more in the morning than in the evening.

4.) Some beaches have a limited number of sun beds, so that you are forced to pay and eat there as well. First time I ever experienced that you were not allowed to eat at another restaurant on the beach.

5.) While in the ‘80s boobs were liberated and freely displayed during sunbathing and what not, nowadays it’s the butt cheeks. I miss the boobs though.

6.) The train from Piraeus to the airport leaves ever hour at :44. Just in case you need to know.

7.) Nothing beats a cool drink on the beach, while looking out onto the sea.

drinks at Ciel Beach club @Asteria Beach Syros

8.) When it comes to drinks, Ermoupolis has a couple of interesting bars, like the Porte Galleria del Cocktail.

Porte Galleria del Cocktail @Ermoupolis

9.) Like in Athens tap water is brought to the table once you sit down. Especially in the city of Ermoupolis, not so much near the beach. So insist on tap water when bottled water is brought. It tastes quite good, especially when cold.

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