Breakfast at the Ponykarussell – Das Café

The moment the pandemic is over (at least in the way our chancellor sees it) new restaurants are popping up left and right. Which is wonderful since a couple of other places also had to close. So it’s nice to try something new and on this Saturday we met at the Ponykarussell in the Prater. The name alone already produced images in my head, but they did turn out to be totally wrong. Not a pony in sight.

not one pony in sight @Ponykarussell

Once we got inside though, I didn’t need a pony anymore. This place looks enchanted with lush foliage and painted on the walls, as well as real ones dotted around the octagon. But look for yourself, sitting down at Ponykarussell transports you immediately to a different dimension. It almost felt like being on vacation.

still empty at 9am @Ponykarussell

I have no problem to wait here to be seated @Ponykarussell

open kitchen concept @Ponykarussell

You might wonder why I post that many pictures of the interior. It’s because it was so much better than the food. The breakfast menu of Ponykarussell is short and rather boring. The restaurant offers the now standard eggs Benedict and avocado toast, as well as fresh fruits and granola. Overall the choice is limited though. Since we are both now eggs Benedict aficionados that’s what we got.

waiting for breakfast @Ponykarussell

The eggs come on slight toasted sourdough bread, with a good amount of sauce Hollandaise, green asparagus and tomatoes. No ham, nothing underneath the eggs on the toast, and a slightly overcooked poached egg, made this combination not a winner.

Eggs Benedict @Ponykarussell

In my opinion the asparagus doesn’t work here. It does nothing for the dish which would have needed more depth, either from a slightly salty ham or something. But the way the eggs come to the table is very boring.

The menu managed to fool me into ordering a French croissant. Which is really stupid in itself since croissants are always French. It was buttery though and okay, but not super special. I was also not very pleased to find parsley next to it.

croissant with nothing @Ponykarussell

Ponykarussell is a great place and oozes charm and a great atmosphere. What I have tasted so far hasn’t convinced me. But the place is only open since a couple of days, so the restaurant might need some time to find its line. I can definitely recommend it for a drink, the bar looks well stocked, and there is even a small deli. Yours, Pollybert

Ponykarussell – Das Café
1020 Wien, Karl-Kolarik-Weg 1, Prater 86A
Tel: +43 1 7202540
Mon-Sun: 09:00–21:00

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