Breakfast at Mani im Vierten

Figar 1040 has closed its doors forever and in its place Mani im Vierten has taken over the place. On a recent Saturday we met there for breakfast. Since the weather was fine, we sat on the terrace. Most of the tables had a reservation sign, so please consider that when you come by. What I noticed right away was the close seating arrangement of the tables. You better don’t discuss anything private at Mani, because everyone around you might have an opinion on it. On the other the terrace is right next to a busy crossover, so there is enough background noise happening.

tight seating on the terrace @Mani im Vierten

My friend ordered Eggs Benedict and I the avocado toast. Now that Eggs Benedict show up in every breakfast spot I need to find a new go to dish. Anyway, the avocado toast is already quite popular in Vienna. At Mani im Vierten the avocado smash sits on a slightly toasted slice of Öfferl bread, with roasted coriander seeds, roasted tomatoes, and varied cress. The poached egg on top was extra.

avocado toast @Mani im Vierten

I think there was mayonnaise underneath and overall the toast was okay. But honestly if you put roasted coriander seeds and varied cress on the menu then these should show up somewhere on the toast. Neither was the case. The chive on top of the egg probably comes with the egg. This toast was not a revelation.

Neither were apparently the Eggs Benedict. They look quite nice come to think of it. But my friend was unhappy with the bacon, which in his words was “crunchy but from yesterday”. Who wants cold bacon? He also mentioned that the egg was too liquid. Not sure how this is even possible, but overall he was not impressed. Despite there being fresh spinach on the toasted Öfferl bread. I tasted the sauce Hollandaise which on its own was very acidic.

Eggs Benedict @Mani im Vierten

When we left we both agreed that Mani im Vierten will not see us again. There was just too much hipster going on and not enough substance. The food was mediocre which is too bad since it’s mostly organic and from great local producers. It is a popular spot though, so make up your own mind. Yours, Pollybert


Mani im Vierten
1040 Wien, Schleifmühlgasse 7
Tel: +43 1 8903160
Mon-Thu: 08:00-24:00, Fri: 08:00-01:00, Sat: 09:00-01:00, Sun: 09:00-24:00

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