Breakfast at Café Goldegg

Café Goldegg is a typical Viennese coffeehouse from the beginning of the 20th century. Which means upholstered furniture, little marble tables, cozy nooks, wooden floors, and unfriendly service. The last bit is not true for Café Goldegg, both service people were quite nice. Not really something you see a lot in Vienna’s coffeehouses.

inside @Café Goldegg

Interestingly enough Café Goldegg doesn’t offer the current ‘It breakfast dish’ Eggs Benedict. So at least in the traditional coffeehouses it’s still not served. My friend therefore got himself an English Breakfast. Honestly, that’s not something I would eat in a regular coffeehouse. But on the other hand it wasn’t great at Café Little Britain either. And one would think they know something about it. So this was okay, but not more.

English breakfast @Café Goldegg

My ‘Goldegg Spezial’ breakfast came with orange juice; you can also have Prosecco instead. A platter of cold cuts, two kinds of cheese, as well as a vegetable garnish surrounded a soft boiled egg. Two different kinds of bread rolls came with my dish. Overall a typical Viennese breakfast in a slightly larger version. It was all quite nice but nothing special about the quality of the cold cuts and cheeses.

Goldegg Spezial breakfast @Café Goldegg

I liked the atmosphere of Café Goldegg best. It was busy within minutes with ladies from the neighborhood. Most of them greeting each other and just coming in for a cup of coffee and some small talk. That’s how it should be, but isn’t in most places. It was really good to learn that coffeehouses are still meeting points for locals. If you want to get a typical Viennese breakfast, Café Goldegg is the right place. Yours, Pollybert

Covid measures: Two days before lockdown new regulations were already in place in Vienna like mask wearing of staff and mask wearing of customers except when seated. With both these rules neither the staff nor the ladies from the neighborhood complied. The Green Pass was checked though.


Café Goldegg
1040 Wien, Argentinierstraße 49
Tel: +43 1 5059162
Mon-Fri: 08:00-20:00, Sat-Sun: 09:00-20:00

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