Eggs Benedict in Vienna (Part 4)

Is there anything better than Eggs Benedict for breakfast? And where can you find the best Eggs Benedict in Vienna? I am here to help with my ongoing search to find the best ones in the city. My weekly breakfast is devoted to find the best and tastiest eggs for you. Okay, also for me. Because I love them so much. In any case here are the latest places I have visited to try their Eggs Benedict. Yours, Pollybert

Die Blumenwiese: It might have been the first time that I liked the small size of a dish. Even though you get your two eggs, the dish looks more like sample size. Which has the benefit that you get Eggs Benedict but are not immobile after eating them. Maybe that’s the trick when you have a restaurant which is only open in summer. The eggs themselves were tasty. Lovely sauce Hollandaise, perfectly poached eggs. My only criticism was the English muffin on which the eggs lay. That was not a real muffin but rather toast bread, and I was also not sure what the chilies were doing on the plate.

Eggs Benedict and Florentine @Die Blumenwiese

Das Vivet: The Eggs Florentine from ‘Das Vivet’ are included here because they have everything you need for this dish. In total though the creative version of this eatery were nothing but disappointing. Rye bread instead of English muffin, soaked through from wet spinach and made mushy because of it, a limp rash of bacon, and topping it all a rouge Hollandaise which had a distinct mayonnaise flavor. If it sounds awful, be glad you didn’t eat it. Because that’s the way the dish tasted. No need to come here for the eggs.

Eggs Florentine @Das Vivet

Drechsler Wienzeile: My third time in the Drechsler was not a charm. First I hated the eggs Benedict here, then I liked them a lot with the truffle cream, and now they have lost their luster again. I am not sure why a concept that’s working needs to be sure, but that’s of course up to the team behind this breakfast spot. The browned butter Hollandaise is just a buttery sauce which lacks a nutty taste and the necessary acidity. Unfortunately it left me underwhelmed.

eggs Benedict @Drechsler Wienzeile

Mani im Vierten: This hip neighborhood restaurant offers some good looking Eggs Benedict variations. Unfortunately they look better than they taste. The regular option comes with crunchy bacon which is already cold when it arrives. Really too bad. The Öfferl bread provides a nice enough surface on which the bacon rests, topped with one poached egg and sauce Hollandaise. There is even baby spinach on the bread. It just didn’t taste good.

Eggs Benedict @Mani im Vierten

Ponykarussell: compared to all other eggs Benedict here in this post the ones from Ponykarussell look almost naked. There is toast, eggs, sauce, and some veggies. No ham, not butter on the toast, all in all a rather dry and boring affair. Also the one of the eggs was cooked through. The Ponykarussell though is a very beautiful location and well wort a visit. So maybe consider just coming for a drink.

Eggs Benedict @Ponykarussell

Yoma: The eggs Benedict here look lovely, the lie on a real English muffin and the sauce is home-made. Instead of ham crunchy bacon is served with it. Unfortunately I ordered a version with avocado which comes in guac style and has too much acidity which ruins the overall taste. Also one of my eggs is almost liquid inside. Water gushes out when I cut into it and turns the muffin to mush.To be fair, the second portion, without avocado, was great though. So brace yourself, anything can happen here.

Eggs Benedict with avocado @Yoma

Café Bellaria: This newly renovated coffeehouse has a predictable breakfast menu with a large choice of eggs Benedict variations. They come here either on English muffin or croissant, with bacon, ham, spinach, or smoked salmon. Every variation is possible. The sauce Hollandaise is definitely home-made and tasty. The overall impression is quite good. Good choice for your Eggs Benedict fix in a central location.

eggs Benedict with bacon @Café Bellaria

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