On one of the last warm evenings in Vienna I decided to give ‘Brösl’ a chance. So far I have only been following it on Instagram and loved what I saw. The restaurant puts ‘sustainability’ on the spot, meaning they cook with Austrian produce which they source from small farms and producers. The concept sounded great, so we were prepared to be dazzled. 

The restaurant is in a quiet area of the second district which makes the outdoor terrace so much more inviting. Not a lot of traffic noise or exhaust in this area.

terrace dining @Brösl

Besides the concept of preparing produce from the area, the restaurant also inspires you to share dishes. Something I really enjoy especially when the menu sounds interesting. So you definitely have to choose your dining partner wisely. My friend was game for sharing, so we started on the recommendation of our pleasant Irish waiter with a Stracciatella di bufala with grilled grapes and home-made foccacia.

focaccia and Stracciatella di bufala @Brösl

The cheese was to die for, especially in combination with the slightly warm bread. It was all a bit rich maybe, but worth every calorie. The grapes were interesting but not so special that I would order them again. This was the perfect starter for a warm fall evening. The foccacia was so good that we ordered a second portion, which we ate with the parmigiana.

Parmigiana @Brösl

As you can see there was enough oil on the plate to warrant a second portion of bread. Not that eggplant dish was any lighter than the cheese. But who thinks about the beach when it’s already fall? The rich parmigiana was exactly as you want it. Room temperature, oozing tomato sauce and cheese. So good!

We also shared the main dish, a trout with salted potatoes and salsa verde. The trout was a bit disappointing, it had a hint of mud coming through. Always a sign of cultured fish with not enough running water in the pond. Or maybe I am just spoiled from the trouts in Upper Austria. The potatoes with the salsa verde were tasty though.

trout with salt potatoes and salsa @Brösl

For dessert we shared a chocolate mousse and a Danish milk rice. Neither dessert was good. The chocolate mousse was a ganache and therefore way too rich after all the food. The milk rice was okay, but not at all what I expected after the Danish referral. I had milk rice in Denmark and it had nothing in common with the dish served at Brösl.

Danish milk rice and chocolate mousse @Brösl

We didn’t finish them, which gave me a good feeling of abstinence to boot. One can always deceive oneself, no? Anyway, Brösl really has a very interesting menu, changing daily due to the availability of produce. I loved how unpretentious the place was, how charming the service, and especially the quality of the food. A restaurant which will see me again very soon. Yours, Pollybert


1020 Wien, Wohlmutstraße 23
Tel: +43 676 3949105
Mon-Sat: 16:00-23:00

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