What to eat in Israel – from breakfast to dinner

Middle Eastern food is popular all over the world. Who doesn’t like roasted cauliflower head with tahini sauce? But of course once you are in the country, the cuisine offers so much more than the stuff you already know. They do offer the roasted cauliflower as well though, like here at Vicky Christina.

tomato salad and roasted cauliflower from Vicky Christina @Tel Aviv

Nevermind, the first thing I ate in Tel Aviv was a falafel sandwich. On the way to the Carmel Market we passed a small food shop which had droves of people waiting. Not stupid we stopped and lined up as well. It turned out to be a falafel shop which sold the ‘best and cheapest’ falafel. Everyone around us agreed on this. Apparently it’s better not to go hungry to market. The falafel sandwich was delicious by the way and the available sauces at the three community tables only added more flavor. Falafel Razon was definitely a revelation!

too good to wait: falafel from Falafel Razon @Tel Aviv

You should probably also try kadaif which is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert. I didn’t like because I find all these baklava dessert way too sweet. Interstingly enough the kadaif was made with cheese inside which I disliked even more. My friends shared hers with another tourist on the street.

kadaif from the Carmel market @Tel Aviv

We had dinner once at May 6 which was right around the corner from the Cucu Hotel. Here we tried Sabih (eggplant, egg, tahini) and some rice, vegetable and tofu dish which was more than forgettable.

sabih from May 6 @Tel Aviv

Also Centro was right aound (another) the corner from our hotel. The breakfast was actually really tasty, only the service was forgettable. The kitchen forgot the sauce Hollandaise on the “Eggs Hollandaise” and the apology for it was a bit meager and the sauce never came.

breakfast at Centro @Tel Aviv

While touring around Jerusalem we had a lunch stop right at the corner of Al-Wad Street and Via Dolorosa. It’s not nice to look and the dishes are made from plastic, but the food was amazing and I ate way too much. Delicous!

lunch stop in Jerusalem

After the not so successful first evening at May 6, we made a reservation for La Shuk. Another restaurant which was right across the street from our hotel. As you can see we got quite lazy in the evening were more than pleased to have interesting restaurants around us. The food and the atmosphere at La Shuk and its bar right next door were amazing. Unfortunately the place is dark so the pictures didn’t come out nice.

But the food was really good and I can whole-heartedly recommend the restaurant. Absolutely fantastic were the desserts. We had “Childhood biscuits cake” and “Homemade Malabi” (a milk pudding). The desserts were actually so good that we went back the next day just for the biscuit cake.

biscuit cake and Malabi from La Shuk @Tel Aviv

Best breakfast by far was the one from the new restaurant at the Cucu Hotel. It had its soft opening on our last day there and we were able to try it. Meanwhile it should also be open for dinner/drinks as well. What an added benefit to the hotel.

poached eggs with tomato coulis @Tel Aviv

vegan lentil omlette with quinoa salad @Tel Aviv

Dietwise was the trip a disaster, but culinarywise a total success. Make sure to enjoy yourself and try everything. The food is actually quite light and healthy. And so so good! Yours, Pollybert

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