More impressions from Le Mans while chasing the Plantagenets

What a difference two hours on the TGV make. The first picture here is from Paris, looking out of the window from the train station Montparnasse. A short while later we were in Le Mans, a city everyone thought too ugly to visit. Really, one should always make one’s own experiences. Because I found Le Mans to be magnificent. Here are a couple of more impressions from Le Mans, and as you can easily peruse yourself, this place is great. Yours, Pollybert

waiting for the train @Paris

medieval town @Le Mans

leaning house @Le Mans

strolling @Le Mans

evening in Le Mans @France

timber-framed houses @Le Mans

hydrant @Le Mans

pretty manhole cover @Le Mans

Lions and lobster @Le Mans

an exhibit from the museum Jean-Claude Boulard @Le Mans

holding the wall together @Le Mans

another view of the cathedral of Saint Julian @Le Mans

detail from the ‘Red Pillar’ @Le Mans

inside the cathedral Saint Julian @Le Mans

the cathedral Saint Julian on a perfect summer day @Le Mans

beautiful water source @Le Mans

a mermaid on a facade @Le Mans

empty streets and beautiful houses @Le Mans

trellis flowers @Le Mans

beautiful medieval house @Le Mans

even unknown churches look impressive @Le Mans

evening mood @Le Mans

carved figurine on a door post @Le Mans

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