Breakfast at Orient Occident

Our visit started already with the unfortunate problem that the heating system was not working. Since we all have to sacrifice something I wasn’t fazed by the cold and took my seat inside. It was still better than outside with the heater on. The Christmas decoration were already up and the place had a cozy feeling (except for the temperature).

inside @Orient Occident

I ordered the Turkish breakfast with scrambled eggs with pastrami, a cigarette borek with cheese, hummus, butter and honey, sheep cheese, olives and a small salad with tomatoes, cucumber, parsley. Doesn’t it look fabulous?

Turkish breakfast @Orient Occident

Really too bad that its taste didn’t match the looks. The borek lacked cheese and therefore much needed flavor. Fried dough is not enough. The hummus was bland, as were the eggs. The only thing I really enjoyed on my plate was the salad and the butter with honey in combination with a soft white bread. Interesting for a breakfast dish.

My friend got another great looking dish, the Eggs Royale. Two poached eggs with smoked salmon, sauce Hollandaise, and baby chard, all served on top of an English muffin.

Eggs Royale @Orient Occident

Personally I already would have minded the chipped plate. My friend is not so prissy, he just cared about the food. And although one would think that not much can go wrong here, because all the components of this dish are simple enough, the eggs didn’t work. I think it was the sauce Hollandaise which ruined the dish, you could just taste that it was store bought. Since everything was drenched in it, the Eggs Royale couldn’t convince us.

Service was really friendly though and very efficient. It’s usually a really nice place for food and drinks and their lunch menu is varied. It’s too bad that this breakfast was such a miss. Yours, Pollybert


Orient Occident
1040 Wien, Naschmarkt 671
Tel: +43 1 5871046
Mon-Sat: 07:00-24:00, Sun: 10:00-21:00

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