Great places to eat and drink around Kent – Part 1

English food never had the best reputation and I remember some pretty gruesome meals from years ago. But things have changed and the food has improved. The trip to Kent was just another proof that one can have very delicious meals in England.

We passed Park Gate Inn on the way from Gatwick to our AirBnb in Bethersden. The place looked inviting and we were sure the food would be great. Unfortunately its kitchen was closed and we had to resign ourselves to just a beer at the bar.

the bar of the Park Gate Inn @Maidstone

In Biddenden we had breakfast at the Bakehouse Cafe. It was so charming, with lovely service and the food was good. We started the day with a shared bacon sandwich and eggs Benedict. The sandwich was delicious, the eggs were okay. The Bakehouse Cafe is also a community meeting place, that evening there was a book signing event planned with a local author. The waitress was nice enough to get me a signed copy which I picked up the next day when we came for tea.

cake display @Bakehouse Cafe

bacon sandwich and eggs Benedict @Bakehouse Cafe

scones in the afternoon @Bakehouse Cafe

Jojo’s Meze, Meat & Fish Restaurant is a stylish restaurant right on the coast in Whitstable. We stopped there for an evening, got a place at the bar (the place is busy) and shared two fish tapas. The fried cod in beer batter was very tasty.

fried cod in beer batter @Jojo’s Meze, Meat & Fish Restaurant

The Bull Inn pub in Bethersden has great reviews online, but we only ever made it there for drinks. The pub is popular with the locals as well, it was still busy when we arrived after the kitchen had already closed.

Gin&Tonic and cider @Bull Inn Pub

The Oyster Festival in Whitstable was super busy and every stall had a small line-up. We walked from one end to the other and then settled on a stall right at the pier and not on the festival area. West Whelks served all kinds of delicious seafood. We were lucky and got a table in front.Finally I I got my oysters and an array of other seafood like crayfish, whelks, cockles, and mussels. So yummy!

right at the harbor @West Whelks

oyster festival @West Whelks

Since we already spent the afternoon in Whitstable, we went for a beer after a successful shopping tour at The Royal Tankerton.

pirate beer @The Royal Tankerton

I also had a glass of wine before at RuLu’s – Deli/Kitchen/Wine on the Harbor Street. You can’t miss it if you’re doing a spot of shopping. Yours, Pollybert

Pollybert with a glass of wine @RuLu’s – Deli/Kitchen/Wine

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